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1.       Thanks mom, for holding my hand and teaching me how to walk
2.       Thanks for teaching me how to talk
3.       Thanks for teaching me how to live
4.       Thanks for teaching me how to respect
5.       Thanks for crying when I got hurt
6.       Thanks for showing me the right way
7.       Thanks for waiting for me to have meals together
8.       Thanks for gently making me understand where I was wrong
9.       Thanks for cooking my favorite dishes whenever I needed
10.    Thanks for wiping my tears
11.    Thanks for supporting me whenever I failed
12.    Thanks for sacrificing your most important things for my silly pleasures
13.    Thanks for the care you rendered whenever I was sick
14.    Thanks for letting me do the things which you were against of
15.    Thanks for waking me up early during exams
16.    Thanks for spending sleepless nights when I was a toddler
17.    Thanks for cleaning my room daily
18.    Thanks for ironing my school uniform
19.    Thanks for joining me in convincing dad for whatever I wanted
20.    Thanks for keeping patience when I don’t come even after you call me 5 times
21.    Thanks for giving me the strength whenever I had almost quit
22.    Thanks for making me sleep when I was small
23.    Thanks for allowing me to do whatever I wanted to do
24.    Thanks for lifting me up whenever I was down, disheartened and felt low
25.    Thanks for making me laugh when I was bored
26.    Thanks for teaching me how to pray
27.    Thanks for making me believe in god
28.    Thanks for encouraging me in everything I did
29.    Thanks for keeping calm whenever I back answered
30.    Thanks for missing your serials for my silly chota bheem episodes
31.    Thanks for sacrificing your favorite dish just because it wasn’t mine favorite dish
32.    Thanks for packing my school bags
33.    Thanks for reuniting me n my bro whenever we fought in childhood
34.    Thanks for taking care of dad
35.    Thanks for  holding us all together
36.    Thanks for not doing anything which would hurt me
37.    Thanks for spending time with me daily
38.    Thanks for the super Tel Maalish whenever my head aches
39.    Thanks for making me what I am
40.    Thanks for the advices when I was confused
41.    Thanks for converting my hardest challenges to kiddy tasks
42.    Thanks for your “never say no” attitude
43.    Thanks for making our ‘house’ a ‘home’
44.    Thanks for being there when the whole world was against  
45.    Thanks for never being partial
46.    Thanks for giving me such an awesome bro
47.    Thanks for never being demanding and dominating
48.    Thanks for being so simple so cool and so calm
49.    Thanks for sharing whatever you had
50.    And finally thanks for giving me BIRTH..
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Why Roadies Why ??

Blogging about roadies brings me a lot of intense everytime… out of this intense I now have thought of blogging about common likes / interests and attitude of people who are auditioning for roadies..

Actually I am an insane person who,  Lying down on the bed, gazes at the fan rotating in awkward circles and feels lifes changing.. lol.. jokes apart.. I have seen many people who audition for roadies have many common wannabe things in common… few are listed below.. please don’t laugh !!

1.I am born to be a ROADIE !! – wow it sounds as if a person has nothing else left to do in the life..

2.I wanna prove myself ( few say mahself)… -- oh man( mahn) Please don’t use roadies just to prove urself or the world who you are.. just face life.. not roadies tasks..

3.Ranvijay kar sakta hai to me kyun nahi… - this happens a lot in India… ppl just wanna do things cos others who are good at it can do… Anna Hazare ne Anshan kiya tab koi nahi aya… ab roadies hai to a rahe hain..

4.Actually , I m very good at planning plotting – lol,, if so why do they don’t get selected.. hehehe

5.I Like Bani , Ranvijay,  Karizma, etc etc etc.. – Promoting Karizma… muft me.. lol.. 

6.I am good at sports… I m a footballer, basketball is in my blood, cricket I play like sachin and no one beats me in hockey… --- few of them when asked bout their sports progress they haven’t even played for their school / college.. 

If we scan the last few seasons we find so many participants who said all this stuff…  few we can never forget are Devarshi who feels that he is extra cool, Palak who feels she can beat the hell outta anyone, Vivek Malhotra- who can play mind games by his words.. Ahh !! the list is never ending..
Hope in this Season i.e. Season 09 we get good participants which will help Raghu, Rajeev and Rannvijay to save their time… Happy Season !!

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