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I wAs bOrN iN dA YeAr 1986…. oN noVemBeR 25th @ 3:45 pM!!!aS SoOn As I GoT bIrTh I SLappEd dA dOcToR !!! An ToLd hIm “iF U CuD dELaY bY 15 mInS I CuD SLeeP WhOLe aFtErnOOn n I CuD wIsH EvEryOnE GuD eVenInG iNsTeAd uf GooDaFtNooN!!!!”
dIs SHowZ dAt I LikE tO sLeeP In Da AfTeRnOOn!!!!

Da wHoLe wOrLd Ws HaPPy WeN I wAs bOrN sO DeY dEcLaRed a PuBLiC hOLIdAy!!! I SaiD “ NaHi YaaRa AAj nAhI!! AaJ bOhOt kAAm He!! CoS I WanTeD To AppLy FoR mAh bIRth CeRtiFiCaTe!!!!
I SaId NeXt mOnTh!! So 25th DecEmBeR iS dEcLaRed aS A pUBLuiC hOLiDay!!!
DiS sHoWz DaT m sO PuNcTuAL @ mAh WoRk!!!

nOw u MuSt bE thinking DaT hOw WiLL dEy IssuE mE a bIrtH cIrtiFiCatE wIdOuT a NamE!!! FrEnZ ItS iNdIa!!! ThRoW 2000 BuCkS An DeY cHaNgE Yo nAme EvEn ToDaY wiDouT n PrOOf!!!!
15 DAyZ AfTeR mY bIrTh!!: i GoT A nAmE FoR mYsELf : BINOY !!!
nOw PlZ DoN AsK mE dA mEanInG!!! I ReALLY Don hAvE nE iDeA!!
DiS ShOwZ DaT I Do nOt WaStE mY tImE iN UnWanTeD ThInGs (FiNdiNg ThE mEaNiN oF NaMeS!!) LoLLzZ

3 YrZ LaTeR I WaS aDmiTTed iN HoSpItALL!! ooPs… SoRRy I WaS AdmIttEd iN SchOOL…. Da gReAt “St. MaRyS pRiMarY SchOoL”!!
dA pRiNcIpAL Ws SuRpRiSeD By MAh AnSwErS iN EnTrAnCe ExAm n SaiD “ DiS bOy WiLL MakE LeGenDs aN DiReCtLy gAvE mE An HiGh SchOOL SeAt!!! I ReGeCtEd HiS oFFeR cUz ThOsE sEniOuRs wUd FeeL AshAmEd oF ThEmSeLvEZ WeN I WuD AnSWeR qUeStiOnS n DeY wUd kEEp ThEiR mouth ShuT!!!
DiS ShOwZ dAt I ReSpEcT mY sEnioRs & and eLdErS!!!!

9 YEaRz aFtEr mAh BiRtH : I JoInEd Da hIgH SchOOL!! ThE nAmE WaS SaMe “St. MaRyS SeConDrY ScHooL!! buT ThE PrEmIseS R DiFFeReNt!! TeAcHeRs ToLd mE “ wE`Ve bEEn WaItiNg FoR Ye SiNcE yEaRZZzz!!!”
DiS sHoWz DaT nOnE uF Da tEaChErS HaD nE cOmPLaInTS aGaiNsT mE!!!

15 yrZ aFtEr mA bIrtH : I CoMpLeTeD mAh SSLC (10th StD) aN LeFt Da SchOOL tHe ReTiReD PriNcIpLe SaiD “ yOu`vE bEEn Da bEsT sTuDenT oF dA dEcAdE n GaVe mE a CuP n ShEiLd!!” I RePLiEd “ siR iT wAs CoS oF yOuR suPPoRt” BuT PriCiPaL StOOd oN onE LeG N sAiD nO iTs wAs aLL YoUr EffOrTs An HaRd wOrK!!! Ab kOi AiK paIr Pe kHaDa hO jAyE To MaaNnA TO pAdTa hE nA?? So I AccEpTeD dA cuP n ShEiLd!!
DiS ShOwZ dAt I aLwEz wOrKeD hArD AnD pAiD mAx EffOrTs iN EvErYthInG i DiD !!!

dEn I EnTeRed dA CoLLeGe gAtE foR aDmiSsiOn !! mY FriEnDs tOLd mE dAt pRiNcIpAL Was vErY sTriCt ,,, I SaiD “mE PyAr Se BaaT kAruNgA EvEn If He gEtS anGrY!!!”
]JdIs ShOwZ dAt m nOt ShOrT TemPeReD[
I WaS SeLeCtEd FoR Da BaSkEtbALL TeAm Of Da CoLLeGe!! N ALsO Won a Few MAtChEs!!!
DiS ShOwZ ThAt M ALsO iNtReStEd iN sPoRts!!!

19 yrZ AfTeR MaH bIrTh : In B.CoM 2nD yEaR I AttEnDed dA LeCtuRe For dA first time aN dAt VeRy CLaSS wAs 3Rd LasT CLaSS oF Da YeAr!! dA sIr ToLd Me To AttEnd ReGuLaRLy I SAiD WiLL dO ThAt FRoM nExT yEaR!!!!
DiS sHoWz I ALWeZ mAdE sYsTmaTiC FuTuRe PlAnS!!

21 YeArZ AfTeR mAh BiRtH : I FeLt DaT I ShUd nO mOrE bE a BuRdEn On MaH dAd So i aLso StArTeD A bUsInEss An ToOk aLL mA ResPoNsIbLiTiEZzZZzz
DiS ShOwZ hOw mUch ReSpoNsIbLe I m!!!

23 and a half years after my birth i got married.....

wat next????


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