Why Roadies Why ??

Blogging about roadies brings me a lot of intense everytime… out of this intense I now have thought of blogging about common likes / interests and attitude of people who are auditioning for roadies..

Actually I am an insane person who,  Lying down on the bed, gazes at the fan rotating in awkward circles and feels lifes changing.. lol.. jokes apart.. I have seen many people who audition for roadies have many common wannabe things in common… few are listed below.. please don’t laugh !!

1.I am born to be a ROADIE !! – wow it sounds as if a person has nothing else left to do in the life..

2.I wanna prove myself ( few say mahself)… -- oh man( mahn) Please don’t use roadies just to prove urself or the world who you are.. just face life.. not roadies tasks..

3.Ranvijay kar sakta hai to me kyun nahi… - this happens a lot in India… ppl just wanna do things cos others who are good at it can do… Anna Hazare ne Anshan kiya tab koi nahi aya… ab roadies hai to a rahe hain..

4.Actually , I m very good at planning plotting – lol,, if so why do they don’t get selected.. hehehe

5.I Like Bani , Ranvijay,  Karizma, etc etc etc.. – Promoting Karizma… muft me.. lol.. 

6.I am good at sports… I m a footballer, basketball is in my blood, cricket I play like sachin and no one beats me in hockey… --- few of them when asked bout their sports progress they haven’t even played for their school / college.. 

If we scan the last few seasons we find so many participants who said all this stuff…  few we can never forget are Devarshi who feels that he is extra cool, Palak who feels she can beat the hell outta anyone, Vivek Malhotra- who can play mind games by his words.. Ahh !! the list is never ending..
Hope in this Season i.e. Season 09 we get good participants which will help Raghu, Rajeev and Rannvijay to save their time… Happy Season !!

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